We create bespoke audio experiences for advertising, podcasts & more.

We support your storytelling and brand message with original, tailor-made productions you can't find in stock libraries. We also operate Contraband, a record label home to acts like JYT, THRILLV, Chip Merlot, Kølme, Sano and MAFFI. 

What The Hair!?

What The Hair!? is a weekly podcast by hair care brand Four Reasons. Scotch & co helps the team edit, mix and produce the episodes, using custom made jingles and voiceovers.

Audio production: Scotch & co
Photo credit: @aho_amanda


Summer Up Aftermovies

Production company Lafka partnered with Scotch & co to create unforgettable aftermovies for Summer Up Festival and party cruises. With both events hosting top shelf artists like Nicki Minaj, Rae Sremmurd, Mikael Gabriel and many more, the aftermovies aim to recap the festivities so the experience can be enjoyed over and over again.

Visual production: Lafka Media
Audio production: Scotch & co



Király, the Helsinki-based production company reached out to Scotch & co for tailor-made voiceovers to accompany their magical animations for Työturvallisuuskeskus. Scotch & co's in-house voice artist directed and produced the voiceovers. 

Visual production: Király
Audio production & voiceover: Scotch & co


Abi & Goom Aftermovies

Another collaboration with Lafka saw Scotch & co create unique original productions and DJ-style mashups for two legendary maritime institutions: the Abi Cruise for fresh high school graduates and Goom for college students looking to wyle out. Original tracks were also released to streaming services for cross-platform promotion, driving traffic to the video campaign and keeping it relevant longer.

Visual production: Lafka Media
Audio production: Scotch & co

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