Scotch & co launches live streaming

Scotch & co is happy to announce their new live performance concept: Scotch & co Live.

Scotch & co Live brings all of the company's artists directly to fans and casual listeners wherever they are. Broadcasted live from Helsinki, Finland via Periscope, the live events can be streamed directly in the app or at With all of the label's artists on board, the concept gives a unique opportunity to get closer to the artists. 

The first live event is scheduled for Friday, October 23rd at 20:00 Finnish time.

With Periscope and Twitter, the live events are more interactive than ever: while watching or listening, the hashtag #scotchandcolive can be used to interact with the artists for song requests and feedback. Periscope's built-in functionality of commenting and liking takes the interactive aspect even further.

Each Scotch & co Live event introduces one or more members of the Scotch & co family doing what they do best: playing killer records, toasting on the mic, performing original music and just having a good time. Whether your house party needs a boost, you need help getting in the mood for the big concert tonight or just want to have a blast with us, tune in live and get to know the Scotch & co family.

Scotch & co is a record label and creative management company distributing the music and representing the talent of its artists. It also functions as a production company creating music to support visual storytelling. The company operates internationally from Helsinki, Finland.

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