Playlist: MAFFI's Fall Favorites

Fall Favorites is part of our Fall Survival Kit, designed to help you deal with the season you either love or hate.

"For me, fall is probably my least favorite season.

Born in the spring, that’s when I usually feel most creative and productive. Fall is however JYT’s favorite season and when he feels most productive and creative. As we make much of our music together, this creates an interesting environment between the two of us with many beats and instrumentals being created during the fall and then written/recorded during the spring. However it is fall now and this was supposed to be some kind of a fall playlist so let’s get to it. I’ve grown really bad at following new fresh music so most of the songs I have picked for this thing might not be very new to you. However I did do some digging specifically for this playlist so at least the songs are new to me."


T-Pain: Drankin’ Patna

For some reason I had totally forgot to follow T-Pain so I didn’t know he was still making music. Turns out dude’s still at it and he’s actually working on a new album. The single he put out recently wasn’t all that great but I will be checking out his album whenever it drops. I’m actually a pretty big fan of him and have always thought he had mad skills and a totally unique way of making music. I stumbled upon the Tiny Desk concert (recorded about a year ago) and was brought back to his music instantly. Especially the song Drankin’ Patna, which came out last year, was amazing live. The link is for the entire concert, which is only like 3 songs. The song starts around 7.40 into the video and the live version is a LOT better than the studio one in my opinion. The song or the concert isn’t actually anything fall specific but if you grab a big ole mug of tea and a nice blanket and then watch it, you can fell all warm and cozy inside or whatever.


Migos: Forest Whitaker

I have pretty much lost track of where Hip-Hop is going nowadays. Sure, I hear all the mainstream hits but they mostly fail to impress me. Like a week ago I checked out a Snoop Dogg interview where he said all rappers sound the same with the same flow nowadays and name-dropped Migos as an example of the flow he was talking about. So I checked out Migos and apparently they put out a new mixtape recently. This song is from the “Back to the Bando” mixtape and I think it’s pretty cool. The beat is nice and sexxy, the chorus is catchy and the guys sound pretty cool. I guess it could be taken as some kind of an ode to the actor Forest Whitaker, who has played some brilliant roles, but listening to the lyrics I can’t really tell what’s going on. It doesn’t make the think about autumn leaves or anything but it sure goes hard. 


Miguel: What’s Normal Anyway

I’ve always been into R’nB so I try to follow it. What I really love is the 90s style extra cheesy shit but that’s hard to come by nowadays. Miguel has been a pretty interesting act ever since he came along so when I found out he had put a new album, I decided to check it out. I wasn’t very impressed with the album overall but I thought this song was somehow interesting and came back to it. The lyrics make you think about all the labels we as people feel to need to put on ourselves. This might actually match my fall mood, thinking about who I am, where I belong etc so at least one of these things are somehow related to the Fall Playlist concept.


Colonel Loud, Young Dolph & Ricco Barrino: California

Like said, I’m very bad at following new music personally but luckily I’ve been blessed with all these DJs working with me at Scotch & co so I feel like I have a front seat whenever something nice comes out through all the DJs I hang out with. I got this song from the Don (DJMG) and he started his last Scotch & co LIVE set with this song. It has stuck in my mind ever since and why wouldn’t it? Shit’s swangin’ and I don’t think there’s any other way to put it. Gets the mood started


Erykah Badu: Hotline Bling

As most of you probably know, Drake came out with a new song in the end of July and the video just got out a couple of days ago. The video was somewhat legendary even before it came out with all the GIFs and videos with Drake’s dance moves attached to weird things and songs. I thought there wasn’t much to go crazy about with the song but when I came cross this Erykah Badu Remix it really popped off. Somehow she sounds like a sexy, sultry goblin on the track and it just works. Also after the 4 minute mark things start getting organic and more like the Erykah we all know. Check it out