Brand check: Chip Merlot

Chip Merlot, in addition to modeling, is a killer DJ: his ear for devastating beats and soul bursting melodies leaves little for imagination and no room for second guessing. We caught up with Chip for a brand check. As always, the producer-DJ was ambiguous about his choices and settled with describing his favorites.

Bed: a futon
Sheets: clean
Coffee maker: some hipster in Punavuori
Fridge: fully stocked with an ice maker on the door

Shoes: brown, leather
Sneakers: Adidas
Jeans: J. Lindeberg
T-shirt: black or white
Underwear: Calvin Klein

Toothpaste: whitening
Shampoo: fruity
Soap: fruity
Parfume: Acqua di Gio
Painkiller: easy to swallow

Bag: Paul Smith
Calendar: iPhone
Shades: Ray Ban
Watch: Swiss
Jewellery: bracelets

Food & drink
Water: San Pellegrino
Wine: Merlot, duh
Drink: rum sour
Ice cream: mint chocolate
Candy: fruity

TV: big and flat
Phone: iPhone
Computer: MacBook
DJ gear: Pioneer CDJs

The Rest
Bank: Maze Bank
Magazine: US Esquire
Newspaper: Hufvudstadsbladet
Barber: family barber