The Original Douche

– There's no fancy backstory here. Music is and has been my first and foremost interest for as long as I can remember. 

Emerging from the suburbs of Helsinki, JYT soared to prominence in 2010 with his debut single Humming and a much-hyped edit of Coldplay’s Viva la Vida.

– I got into music at a very early age, way before developing a way too expensive taste for jeans, startups and bourbon. Some of that lasted, some of it didn't: music just somehow became that one thing I'm good at. I'm still into startups & bourbon, though. 

Releases weren't the only thing happening in 2010: the same year JYT secured his position as one of Helsinki’s most interesting new DJs with a two-year residency at Olo Terrace Bar.

– I got into electronic music just before producers were required to DJ and vice-versa in order to make a living. Then the transition started, and DJing became more prevalent. I got into it but didn't really pick it up until much later. I trained for a very, very long time before playing anywhere. Then I scored my first residency at Olo Terrace Bar.

The weekly club turned out to be a massive hit. After a break from his terrace duties, JYT returned to 013 Terrace Bar in 2014, now operated by Gastrobar Emo, booked again for a two-year stint. 

After releasing Riot and Sing To Me on Big Mama's House Records, JYT now calls Scotch & co home. With his debut EP Original Douche, he continues his long-running tradition of continuously evolving. Not willing to stick to a specific sound, the producer has proven guilty to moving all the way from trap and moombahton to progressive and electro house.

– I jack sounds all the time. Trends come and go, and I'm one to pick up influences everywhere. I try to maintain a certain versatility so I can work on different kinds of projects from the "it sound" to obscure rap and good old pop.

After releasing Original Douche, the producer realized his new direction needed a new outlet and decided to change his alias from Julius Ylitalo to JYT. With a new name comes a new sound:

– Performing as JYT is more natural and almost freeing from the old alias. I feel like this is a new start, which reflects the music you'll be hearing from me.