Like All the Great Ones

– I have always felt a strong connection to music. When I was a kid, my mother used to put me in this playpen, set up in front of the TV and put MTV on. I would stay there for hours, listening and concentrating on the music.

The eventful career of Maffi is something to wonder about when listening to his latest creations. There's the choir background, an endless enthusiasm towards heavy metal and the skills of a seasoned rapper. Call it homecoming, but he has returned to singing and is back stronger than ever.

– When composing and writing new music, I’m very much inspired by the moment. I love going into a flow state of mind where everything around me sort of disappears and I find myself sitting in the front of my computer in a hypnotic state hour after hour. It’s hard for me to say where it comes from, but I know it’s vital to creating something truly unique.

Not one to make a lot of noise about himself, Maffi took a long time to make sure his album was on par with his own expectations. The 26-year-old rapper, singer & songwriter recently released his debut album The Tide after 5 years in the making. Looking back on the release, the time was right only now: The Tide is the first full-length album on Scotch & co, the artists' label.

Each song on The Tide was written within the last 5 years and for the artist, the album represents his personal journey during this time.

– I write about life. Experiences, memories, love. Sometimes I might slip into a more poetic kind of mode, but usually it’s just everyday stuff. I've dedicated songs to important loved ones like my girlfriend, but I would like to dedicate one to my mother - she’s such an inspiration. 

Going deep into the writing and finding inspiration in his personal life and loved ones, the process might sometimes take a toll on the ones closest to the artist.

– My family appreciates my passion, but they might not completely understand it.

Whether Maffi cements his place in the game as an artist or writer is irrelevant - he is the new luminary about to blow up, and he's in it for the long run:

– My dream is to be able to write songs that last through time. Like all the great ones do. 

Maffi's debut album The Tide is out now. Follow Maffi on FacebookSpotify & Twitter.