The Don will see you now

After countless productions to his belt, DJMG is going forward with multiple tracks queued for release. The energetic DJ and producer is known for his ability to combine multiple genres seamlessly to create an atmosphere unlike any other, whether playing records or producing new tracks. His electronic sets often include influences from Sweden, Ibiza and the UK, whereas his productions tend to slip on the darker side of electro house and trance.

Nothing is difficult to those who will, and DJMG is a case in point: for his musical roots lie heavily in hip hop and r&b, his skills on the wheels of steel are second to none. Apart from being a capable DJ in house music, he also masters the lower BPMs with a deep knowledge in classic rhythm music.

They don't call him The Don for nothing.

DJMG can be spotted playing on Saturdays at Bronda. Follow him on Facebook and SoundCloud. Photo by Antti-Juhani Johansson.