Out with the old, in with the new

Sup babies!

First of all, thanks for checking out our company site. We have now been up and running officially for pretty much a full year and it has been one hell of a ride. A record company of our own has been a dream for both of us founders and it has been somewhat surreal seeing it all come to life. The company and the people behind it have grown tremendously within this first year of business and I personally have slowly become accustomed to the idea of running an actual business with my partner.

Within this year, many great things have happened. We have released Rhyme x Chip Merlot’s first single We Are Masked, my debut album The Tide, our first compilation Scotch & co Vol. 1 and Julius Ylitalo’s first ever (and only because dude went and changed his name) EP Original Douche. I hope you have found the time to check them all out - you can do so by checking out the artist profiles or our Music page. All of the before-mentioned projects have been personally overseen by both of us partners and I must admit there are times where I’m feeling extremely proud for all we have accomplished so far. This first year of business has also included a whole lot of various business maneuvers, wrestling with taxes, legislation and what not but I’m not going to bore you with all of that right now. Apart from releases, there has been action in the gigging department as well, I have had the honor to step on the stage quite a few times at and all the DJs in our team have been playing around Helsinki. DJMG especially has been on a serious hot streak and it seems like Bronda can’t get enough of him on the wheels of steel.

The #NIGHTS Season Closing was one to remember. Having the crowd behind my back like that was really something else.
— Maffi

So what’s next for us? Well, we have quite a few things in the making and we have scheduled some pretty exciting things for the remainder of the year. I myself have a new single coming, we’re working on something very special for JYT and a new compilation should hit the digital store shelves right in time for Christmas! We still have a lot of work to do and a lot is still ahead of us. By the way, if you grabbed a black card from one of our #NIGHTS by Scotch & co shows, make sure you follow the instructions to get a free download of “Kotkan Vuosi”. We also just posted it on Soundcloud, so you can stream the hell out of it:

As a performing artist, my last performance at #NIGHTS by Scotch & co Season Closing at Emo Gastrobar is one of the most rememberable. I felt like I really had the crowd behind my back and it was amazing to see how many of you guys actually came to see me and sang along to the songs. (Note to self: get some more live shows, dude..) Thank you for all your support, it really gives all of us a boost and makes us feel we are doing something right. Trust me, there will be a next album…

Anyway, stick around, check out our Fall Survival Kit for essential fall songs, great locations to go out to eat/drink and more, explore the website and keep showing love. We’ll be getting more active and post more content, blog entries and other cool stuff on the website. If you wish to know when something exciting is bound to happen, sign up to our newsletter to be among the first to read about it. Stay sexxy!

Much love,

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