Brand check: MAFFI

The man, the myth, MAFFI opens up his crib for a thorough and completely irrelevant-yet-fun-in-some-sick-voyeristic-way brand check. Find out what the champ behind "Terminator Shades" is about.

Bed: futon
Sheets: anything clean
Coffee maker: Moccamaster
Fridge: as long as it’s got food in it, I’m down with it

Toothpaste: Pepsodent
Shampoo: if it says shampoo on it, it’s all good  
Soap: Molton Brown  
Parfume: on the look for something new at the moment, been rolling with Hilfiger forever… 
Painkiller: Jack Daniel’s Honey Liquor

Food & drink
Water: tap
Wine: red
Drink: Old Fashioned
Ice cream: Ben & Jerry’s
Candy: Baby Ruth

Shoes: Bugatti brown leather
Sneakers: Nike or Reebok
Jeans: Levi’s
T-shirt: anything that can holster my 18" guns  
Underwear: bamboo ✌️

Bag: backpack
Calendar: old school with leather cover  
Shades: Terminator Shades 😎 
Watch: Certina DS Podium Titan
Jewellery: silver

TV: Big and sexxy
Phone: iPhone
Computer: iMac
DJ gear: not a DJ so as long as it plays a beat I can flow on, I’m good to go

The Rest
Bank: Danske Bank
Magazine: not a huge magazine guy but I like to read in-depth interviews
Newspaper: Helsingin Sanomat
Barber: good ole Suvi