THRILLV launches "THRILLVND" mixtape series

THRILLVND #1 is out now.


Deorro & Duvoh: If Only
Autoerotique: Ratchet
Def Rock & Tarlan: Hook
Jordy Dazz & BLOQSHOT: Ragged
Axwell: Barricade
Evelina: HONEY (THRILLV Bootleg)
Sick Individuals & DBSTF: Into The Light
Mike Williams: Sweet & Sour

THRILLV, the latest addition to our ever-growing Scotch & co family, launches a new mixtape series titled THRILLVND. Showcasing the lazer sharp production and mixing of the group, THRILLVND features the best new music around, as well as timeless classics and new music from the group.

In the first episode of THRILLVND, the group unleashes bangers from Jordy Dazz, Sick Individuals and Autoerotique, to name a few. In addition, the group finally plays their unofficial bootleg of Evelina's "HONEY". The original single has been smashing charts and airwaves alike in Finland and racking up almost 3 million views on YouTube since its release. The bootleg was first featured on a video produced by Lafka Media, and can now be heard on THRILLVND #1.

THRILLVND #1 can be streamed on SoundCloud and MixCloud. New releases are expected to drop soon, and the word is there's more original music from the group on the way. Follow THRILLV on Facebook to stay up to date on new releases and music.

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