The Yearbook is here

When we founded Scotch & co in 2014 we shared a vision of artists coming together to create something new, something exciting. Scotch & co was created to bring in our friends and other artists; to allow them join the ride and be part of something fresh. Since the beginning of this company, we've been busy doing just that. A big part of that journey has been - and continues to be - the people who support our work: the people who come to our shows, listen to our music and share our vision for the company. Throughout the times we've been lucky to see many familiar faces join our adventures, and we want to thank all of them by sharing a recap of what we've done.

Starting today, each year we'll collect our releases, milestones and favorite moments into a single book. We call it the YEARBOOK, and the 2015 edition is now ready to be explored. You can find it here.

We interviewed the creators, makers and doers behind the projects to collect insights and thoughts about the process behind the works. Some wanted to write their own essays or treatments about their works, while some took the opportunity to add missing pieces to the already released product. All projects are listed in chronological order, and the dates displayed are the original release dates of each project.

We invite you to look back at the past year, to remember our adventures and to welcome 2016 and everything it holds for all of us. Thank you for your continuous support - it really means the world to us.



Antti Uusi-Videnoja
Managing Director

Otto Sarvamaa
Creative Director