Rhyme x Chip Merlot launch "Sound of The X" mixtape series

Much like Jesus back in his day, Rhyme and Chip Merlot are rising from the dead.

This Saturday, the duo is to launch their new mixtape series, titled Sound of The X. According to the guys, the monthly mixtapes will be full of new music and some classics.

We’re hitting the decks like never before. There’s new music, some classics, and of course a hint of our own freshly made tracks.
— Chip Merlot

While Chip has been vacationing in Monaco, Rhyme recently returned from service in the Finnish Defence Forces. Both have been quietly working on new music independently, but they're now coming back with a bang. In addition to the mixtape series, there's new remixes and tracks coming out from the duo very soon.

Sound of The X premieres on Saturday, March 26th. Find new episodes at scotchand.co and follow Rhyme x Chip Merlot on Facebook and SoundCloud to stay tuned.