Rhyme breaks down why KSHMR's "Wildcard" is our track of the week

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The favorite producer of your favorite producer KSHMR returns with a huge new release, aptly titled Wildcard. With Sidnie Tipton's vocals and KSHMR's signature production, Wildcard is one to remember. In case you're not convinced by the producer's earlier string of hits - JAMMU, Secrets and Strong, to name a few - here's our very own Rhyme talking about his love for the virtual superhero of every producer:

KSHMR is one of my favorites, because his skills as a producer are almost second to none. His layers - especially synths - are always on deck and his melodies are some of the catchiest around. On top of that, his sound continues to be so unique that virtually every producer in EDM has tried to copy at least some aspect of his style. His use of guitars reminds me of the older material of ATB.
— Rhyme

Wildcard is out now on Musical Freedom.