Venior is About to Blow Up in 2016. Let JYT Explain Why.

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The worst part about being a music producer is losing one's ability to just enjoy music. Honestly, the number of times I just wanted to shut my brain down and like a song because it's good is so high I've lost count. When I hear a song, I immediately and unconsciously dissect it into little bits and pieces: fuck that lead is tasty, what the hell is that hihat doing, why on earth would you do that, oooh that's nice, I wonder how they did that - you know, the lot. All this happens before I've subjectively listened to the song myself. Do I like it? Maybe, but the production sucks. What if the production is stellar, but it's just not my cup of tea?

Sometimes things work out differently. I remember exactly where I was, who I was with and what I was wearing when I first heard Venior's Na Na Na. More importantly, I remember being immediately drawn to the song because I liked it, with the production coming in second. This is unusual, and I've often wondered if it was because I loved the production and pretty much everything about the song. Was it the vocals? Sure - but there was something more. The production was minty, the vocals were on point and the writers aced the structure.

But more importantly: it was good.

Photo credit: Sony Music Finland

Photo credit: Sony Music Finland

The first thing that comes up when Venior is discussed is the fact that she's Finnish, but has lived in Sweden for quite some time. Though she has now relocated to London, I guess we're supposed to be left wondering if being influenced by Sweden is so vital for Finnish artists that I should be booking plane tickets and renting an apartment in Södermalm right now. I love Max Martin more than anyone in the world, but I refuse to believe Finland is somehow less capable of producing quality music and interesting artists. Maybe it's the collaborative workflow and creative environment, but it sure as hell ain't in the water. Even the fact that Venior's very first show in Helsinki was opening for Angel Haze cannot convince me to think otherwise.

I love Max Martin more than anyone, but refuse to believe Finland is less capable of producing quality music and interesting artists.

When Venior's first single Sugar Rush came out in 2015, it was heavily pushed by YleX. Venla Kokkonen described Venior as "— candy powder - sweet, surprising, exciting and addictive." Kokkonen was spot on with her analysis, which was later reinforced by Na Na Na and Venior's third single Robber. After keeping all three tracks on heavy rotation, Na Na Na is still my favorite, because it fits the bill perfectly: sweet, surprising and exciting all come to mind when I hear it - day after day.

The strong singles have left me hoping for a whole album with a thought-out tracklist and arc to it. But as always, my dissective mind of a producer has made sure I've prepared for the worst while hoping for the best: with albums being more compilations anyway, maybe hers will be just that.

But does that really matter, if it just sounds good?

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