The Groove is Coming: Rhyme & Chip Prepare to Drop their "Groove It" Remix this Friday

Hot on the heels of their latest venture, the Sound of the X podcast series, Rhyme x Chip Merlot are dropping their remix of DJMG's "Groove It".

The boys' remix is an absolute monster, opting for harder beats and rolling percussions in favor of the more laid back momentum of the original piece. With Chip's signature production tricks and Rhyme's intricate work in the synth department, this remix is one for the books. Here's JYT confirming the above:

This is fucking huge.

The remix drops on May 13th, just in time for Rhyme's birthday bash! Congratulations Rhyme, on both accounts. Check out the preview below and stay tuned on our Facebook page for details as soon as the song's out on all streaming platforms.