Reino Nordin Delivers His Best Song to Date, and It's Our Track of the Week

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"Ever since I started writing my debut album Forever, I've been really into Finnish music,

and by that I mean pop music sung in Finnish. I've never not liked it, but for some reason I've only now gotten really into it. Maybe it's because there's a huge amount of new, up and coming local artists like myself creating amazing music both lyrically and musically. Or maybe I've just gotten older. Go figure.

Be it as it may, Reino Nordin is one of my all time favorite actors and undeniably a talented musician in many respects. His latest single Kato mua silmiin hits all the notes for me - chapeau, whoever produced this - but when it comes to Reino's vocals, this piece is a fucking homerun. This song is so good it almost doesn't make any sense. I recall reading Reino's interview a few weeks ago, and he said something about catering to the masses with his change in style. I admit I wasn't a huge fan of his earlier ventures in reggae-influenced stuff, but his voice has always worked no matter the genre. That hasn't changed with Kato mua silmiin or Puhu vaan, the first single from his latest project. This shit is the bee's knees.

Maybe the best thing about listening to music in your native language is the increase in feels. When the music or lyrics are really touching, experiencing those feelings in your own language might be stronger and more intimate than in foreign languages - even in English.

Reikki, you're my goddamn hero."


Kato mua silmiin is out now on PME Records.