ATTLAS is an Artist to Look Out for In 2016. Here's Rhyme Explaining Why.

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Picture this scene: it's 2014. All kinds of shit went down that year — Ebola, Crimea, ISIS and all. I can't remember the exact date, but it was a rainy day. There I was, lounging in my apartment, stressed about some releases I was working on, trapped inside the crib not wanting to go out in the rain. I was soothing the pain with a replay of Deadmau5 and Eric Prydz' back to back set from the festival Day of the Dead. Deadmau5 played Aural Synapse, a song I was already familiar with, it being one of my all time favorites from Joel. But this edit had a different vibe to it; a vibe I immediately found myself infatuated with. It was the Attlas remix.

After hearing the remix, I started looking into Attlas more closely. At the time the identity of whoever was behind the project was unknown. Some speculated Attlas was actually Deadmau5 - after all, he only releases on Deadmau5' label. As time passed, the speculation quieted and Attlas was eventually revealed to be Jeff Hartford.

Attlas has now released three EPs and keeps a steady output release-wise. The latest track he's put out is Aspen, created while on the Mau5trap Bus TourAspen furthers the variety of Attlas' distinctive style: his productions range from slow, pop-ish music to techno. But what draws me back to his music time after time, release after release is his undying loyalty to progressive house music. So many of his productions seem to nod to deadmau5' early stuff, with the progressive vibes and dark moods, yet they're still distinctively Attlas.

Of all of Attlas' discography, one song is more important to me than others. Lighthouse speaks to me in a way his other material doesn't. This track came out in Autumn 2015, and you can definitely hear the Autumn spirit in it. All in all, it's one of the most beautiful songs I know.

With more quality music coming out and a strong fan base behind him, it feels like Attlas is now ready to blow up for bigger audiences. It's only right it happens: talent like this doesn't come around very often.

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