View is our #1 Artist to Look Out for in 2016. MAFFI explains.

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Naming an artist to watch out for in 2016 was a no-brainer for me. Meet View.

View is an emerging Finnish alternative rapper whose name has been on a lot of people's lips lately. After his debut EP Avalon hit the streets in October 2015 it was clear to me something great was happening. Not just for the Finnish hip hop scene, but for Finnish music in general. View has taken the mantle for most interesting Finnish rapper who rhymes in English. With his most recent follow-up to the debut EP, the artist is really headed for new heights and it is no surprise he has caught international interest. View has recently performed in Finland, Germany and England.

If I had to describe View and his music in one adjective I would just call it cool.

There’s just something magical in the picture View’s low and subtle voice paints on the canvas. The way he uses his voice on his tracks reminds me of Maxi Jazz, the rapper in Faithless, in the best of ways and the agility in his rhyming and flow just automatically forces me to nod my head whenever his tracks are on. And speaking of the canvas he’s painting on, while talking about View one simply can’t ignore the production behind View’s flow. The producer behind View, Joonas Laaksoharju, has really soaked himself in all the UK Grime he could find and mustered up beats so hot they could melt the glaciers. With the combination of these hard, metallic and futuristic beats and View’s flow, the outcome is something amazingly refreshing and new.

It’s going to be interesting to see what happens next for View but we at Scotch & co are sure he will blow up big during this year. Catch up with View on his social media accounts to follow his moves and check out the video for Coldest Season.

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