Klahr Is Our #4 Artist to Watch Out for in 2016

No.4 in Artist to Watch Out for in 2016:


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Johannes Klahr (or more familiarly just Klahr), the eighteen year old producer hailing from Gothenburg with only a couple of thousand fans (and growing) on social media forums is the freshest sign up on Axtone.

First time Klahr blobbed on my radar was actually just a couple of months ago as Axtone released this young swedes beautiful remix of Adrian Lux’s "Torn Apart" (which we chose to end Sound of the X vol.1 with). Only two months from the remix, Klahr released his debut EP "Lyon x Sapphire" which blew me away. Two tracks and a mashup of them together. The style of the tracks was completely different from what you might have imagined from the remix' mellow, piano dominating vibe. Going from 104 bpm electronica to full on 128 bpm French-ish electrohouse was a pleasant surprise. His sound is clean and full of nice little details like with the small ride fills and playful tom and sampled fills.

This newcomer is definitely something to look out for. I bet that even you might have heard something from Klahr since Axwell /\ Ingrosso are using Saphires breakdown melody as one of their intro. Other major artist to support Klahrs tracks are Kryder and Avicii.

If you are going to Tomorrowland this year, I definitely recommend checking him out on the Axtone stage.

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