Here's How To Survive from The Stupid Shit You Did This Midsummer (And a Track of the Week)

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We've all been there*.

*most of us, anyway

Now that you've passed out in the sauna (classic!), vomited on the premises your great-grandparents built a house on like five million years ago while simultaneously drunk-dialing your numerous ex's (sweet!) and shooting fireworks to your neighbours boat from someone else's boat (classy!), it's time to wake up, muster up and face the music.

Because it's Monday, and Mondays suck — especially if you're feeling like that weird interlude on MAFFI's album sounds like:

And no, that was not, in fact, our track of the week — we're decent people (!!!) who didn't nearly get killed this year (but don't mention 2011), so we put together a three point game plan AND picked a top notch track of the week for all you midsummer vikings out there, to help you get that kukkaseppele off your head and clean up the goddamn flora you put under your pillow to finally get a match on Tinder. Get with the program:

Step 1: Drink Water

Assuming you're either on holiday (or sick leave) or got through your day at the office already, nothing is more important than drinking water at this point. Just ask cousin Antti. He'll tell you, but again: don't ask about what happened in 2011! Keep drinking until you're so full of water you can hear it splashing when you get up from the couch. Then drink some more.

Step 2: Walk It Off

Though it might sound counterproductive, go out and walk it off. You might feel like you can't move, but keep in mind you already passed challenge #1 and actually made it to work in time. Like any decent Finn, you probably had a greasy, salty lunch. Now's the time to do some damage control for the damage control. So get up, walk around the hood for an hour. Go home, drink more (we know - just do it) and take a long shower. Preferably take the walk around the time you're already feeling tired, so you'll fall asleep instantly after the shower.

Step 3: Listen to Youngr

Finally, listen to the soothing sounds of Youngr covering The Temper Trap's classic "Sweet Disposition". If the pure bliss of this guy working his magic doesn't make you instantly doze off while dreaming of long summer nights in Ibiza, we don't know what will.