Major Dubbz' Single Confirmed; THRILLV + Rhyme Collabo Gets Release Date

New music alert!

We have the pleasure of announcing new releases for July. Both releases come from new artists, so these are literally fresh from the oven.

Major Dubbz: Danger

First up on the release schedule is Major Dubbz' debut single, aptly titled Danger. Major Dubbz is a self-acclaimed Jamaican-style toast master, MC and former radio host, hailing from an undisclosed location supposedly somewhere in the Caribbean. According to the little direct dialogue we have had with him, he has been heavily influenced with the radio and music scene and done his part in representing the ragga culture worldwide.

According to his stories Rasta FM Radio has been the number one source of new and fresh dancehall, reggae and dub music for decades. There is little to be found of Rasta FM Radio online, but we decided to take his word for it. A few months back the Major - in what can only be described as a surprising move - turned to our very own JYT for help with production. The Major is not very keen on doing press after some mishaps with the media in the past, so we have to trust JYT's word on what happened:

I got a call saying this Jamaican-sounding guy is trying to get a hold of me and it would be “much appreciated” if I could return his calls. I called them back and got in touch. They had heard some of my Vybz Kartel bootlegs and wanted me to put an electronic twist on some more traditional grooves and whatnot. I sent over some beats and that was it.

JYT then received the full song, titled Danger, and a note saying the song should be released by the producer's label. JYT took the recording to Antti Uusi-Videnoja, who immediately approved the project.

I know it sounds cheesy, but it’s not every day these kinds of projects knock on your door. We immediately signed Major Dubbz and the project, and even though we don’t have distribution in Jamaica or whatever country’s trenches the Major currently subsides in, I’m sure the talent will make sure “Danger” is going to be playing all over the planet.
— Antti Uusi-Videnoja, Managing Director

Danger by Major Dubbz is out on July 7th on Scotch & co.


THRILLV: YAYO (feat. Rhyme)

Next up on the schedule: the long-rumored THRILLV + Rhyme collaboration has a release date! The collaborative effort, titled YAYO, is an intriguing mix of genres, with dark vibes and a tempo ranging all the way from 128 to 64 BPM. Seemingly picking up where their unofficial Eveliina bootleg left off, YAYO is easily distinguishable as the work of THRILLV, with Rhyme's signature sprinkles on top. The song is crowned by some low-pitched vocals.

This was a fun project to work on. Otto and Antti from Scotch & co presented the project to me, and while I’m still not entirely sure who or what is THRILLV, they definitely have that sound going on.
— Rhyme

YAYO by THRILLV and Rhyme is out on July 22nd on Scotch & co.