THRILLV's "YAYO" Is the Only Song You Need This Week

After causing a commotion with their unofficial bootleg of Evelina's smash hit Honey, THRILLV linked up with young run Rhyme to produce the banger YAYO. We talk to the crew behind THRILLV on how all this happened. Make sure to grab your free copy of YAYO right here!

How was THRILLV eventually formed?

— Quite naturally, actually. We had worked together on other projects and decided to try our hand at doing this EDM thing together.

You're currently promoting your first single, YAYO. Is there more music on the way or was this a one time special?

— There's more, for sure. We just finished a track with Chip [Merlot] and it'll come out soon. We actually started working on that before we did YAYO with Rhyme. It's not as dark as YAYO, for sure.

Your sound is very current and on point in terms of what's popular right now. Tell us something about the process behind the "THRILLV sound".

— If there's a "THRILLV sound", we haven't really planned it. We're huge fans of KSHMR and downloaded his first sound pack on Splice just before we linked up on this track with Chip Merlot and later doing YAYO. There's for sure some similarity because I think KSHMR actually used many of the lead presets he included in the pack, and then we ended up using some of them. That said I think the "THRILLV sound" is a combination of what we're influenced by and what we've done previously in other genres.

How was working with Rhyme on YAYO?

— It was a blast! He came up with the foundation of the track, the beats and stuff. We just added on what he had been working on and turned it into YAYO. He was planning on taking the demo to a very different direction but then we blasted the trap part and drop on it. He was pretty shocked when he first heard it.

Are there any signature production tricks of his?

— Not necessarily, but I think the overall aesthetic and mood is pretty much right up his alley. We did the melodies and added some drums and percussion but he laid the groundwork for what eventually became YAYO, and for sure affected the whole mood of the track.

We recently did a shortlist of 5 artists to watch out for in 2016. Any late additions?

— There's this Icelandic producer Our PsychHis track "Misae" is one of our favorites and I'm sure he's going places if he keeps churning out bangers like that one. "Ureshii" is dope as fuck, too.

If you're eventually going to end up playing gigs, are you going to have to give up your identities?

— Man, the Finnish EDM market is the smallest in the whole fucking world. It'll be out eventually no matter how hard we try.

YAYO by THRILLV & Rhyme is out now on Scotch & co. Get the free download on ToneDen and stream the song on your favorite service.