Sia's "Waving Goodbye" from The Neon Demon Is Our Track of the Week, and Should Be Yours Too

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A few weeks ago DJMG, Chip Merlot and JYT decided to cure their hangover by going to see Nicolas Winding Refn's latest film The Neon Demon. The film left our three musketeers incredibly amazed, confused and angry — but also inspired.

Leaving the cinema, DJMG was especially angry about the movie. The next day he told Chip he’s been telling all of his friends to go see it as soon as possible. It left us all very inspired, both musically and visually. For me it wasn’t quite as good as “Drive”, but classic Refn nevertheless.

Set in Los Angeles, the film follows an aspiring model (Elle Fanning) whose beauty and youth place her in significant danger amongst the women she becomes associated with in the industry, who are dangerous. The movie's soundtrack was composed by Cliff Martinez, who collaborated with director Refn on Drive and was recognised best composer of the Cannes film festival for his soundtrack to The Neon Demon. For the film's end credits, Sia penned the perfect closing piece, Waving Goodbye, which earned it's spot as our track of the week.

The Neon Demon is in theaters now. The soundtrack is available through Space Rocket, Gaumont & Wild Bunch. Subscribe to our playlist on Spotify for all our track of the week selections.