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Photo: Jordan Whitfield

Photo: Jordan Whitfield

Happy new year!

Though last year was great for us, you may now add our voice to the many others saluting a fresh start and condemning 2016 and what it stood for globally as a year we will not miss. We're already in full effect to make this year even bigger and better for you, our artists and ourselves.

Back to basics

2016 was a year of experimentation for us. We did a lot of new things, jumped to new challenges and found ourselves working on more new music and live performances than ever.

This year, we're doing all of that, but also taking things back to basics and re-focusing on our original mission: being a record label artists love in a time when they don't necessarily need one. We want to enable our artists (us) to take their careers to new places and achieve as much as possible. That's why this year we're collectively rebranding Scotch & co as a record label and creative agency.

What this means in practice is we'll continue releasing awesome music, playing amazing gigs and creatively going places one might not expect. On the flip side, there are some projects and ideas that are being phased out or moved down the priority ladder. Even though we encourage our team to do anything necessary, we can't do everything — at least with full power. That's why this year, we're fully focusing on releasing music and playing shows.

As we're typing this in English, it might also be worth mentioning we're going back to English first. Our experiments with creating inspiring content in Finnish have been teaching, challenging and rewarding. Ultimately, though, our audience is realistically speaking more fluent in English. That's why we're going back to English as our first choice of language.

New look

Last year we internally launched a new mission & strategy titled "Scotch & co 2.0". When we first launched the company, the team had already been working together for years, so iterating came naturally. This year we decided to make "Scotch & co 3.0" slightly more public, with the first visible change being a major facelift to our website.

One of the first (and many) designs of our website

One of the first (and many) designs of our website


Last year saw multiple edits and changes to the look of the site while the original overall aesthetic remained. This year we decided to put on a fresh coat of paint while keeping the most distinctive typefaces and designs around. The new look is fresh, yet familiar, which is exactly what a new year at Scotch & co represents for us: a chance for the same, familiar team to do something fresh and perhaps unexpected. We wish to communicate our vision through all creative decisions, so the change was natural for us. We hope you like it too.

To sum it all up, 2017 is going to be the year we'll work harder than ever. We're already fully at it and can't wait to show you all the great things we're working on.

— Antti, Otto & Mikael

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