New Music Roundup: THRILLV, Yacht Club & more


THRILLV, the go-nuts EDM-project of JYT and MAFFI, return with Thief. This annihilating piece combines everything stupid you love about EDM: horns and tribal grooves and a musically non-related drop. The song makes an appearance on an equally nuts video, the ABI Cruise aftermovie by none other than Lafka Media.

DJ Moneygrip

DJ Moneygrip: Don't Let Go

DJ Moneygrip, the man of many mysteries, just dropped his latest project Don't Let Go, which sounds exactly as good as anyone would expect. With Don't Let Go, DJMG took the tempo down and mellowed the mood, making this cinematic piece the perfect soundtrack to our warming nights. If you haven't paid attention, the weather is getting warmer and warmer, which means the terrace bars are soon ready for action. No surprise the dude is gearing up to craft the perfect beats for long nights and early mornings.

Photo by Antti-Juhani Johansson


Yacht Club: Slots

The truth is we make a lot of music. Most of it is already made with some existing project in mind - say, like MAFFI's new album, or JYT's new playlist - but sometimes we write songs that are a bit too out there. Maybe they don't really fit on an album, or the mood isn't right. Maybe we never considered them to be worth finishing. Usually we keep these songs to ourselves or share them with friends, but sometimes they're just too good to leave alone - even if they don't fit on an album.

The Scotch & co Yacht Club is a perfect disguise for tracks like these. We don't focus on who made them - it's always us, but who specifically was involved is not too important - but instead want to turn the attention to what we firmly believe in: music should be fun. These songs probably aren't the most serious we've made, but who says one shouldn't do both?

So grab a drink, put some headphones on and press play. You can thank us later.