MAFFI talks his new album, guest features and trade secrets

MAFFI is almost done with his new album. Photo by Otto Sarvamaa.

MAFFI is almost done with his new album. Photo by Otto Sarvamaa.

How are you doing?

– I'm very good, thank you! Spring is coming and so am I - with the new tracks, I mean. I've been working on this album for so long and I feel like we're finally starting to get somewhere. So very good!

What can you tell us about the album?

– From what I'm feeling right now, I feel like it's going to be a pretty straightforward rap album — which I think I should've made years ago, really — so it's about letting the people know I still got it.

– I have about four, five tracks that are pretty much finished and a couple still in need of some stuff. All ideas and demos concerned, I have about 7 tracks to be included as soon as I just finish those fuckers. I'm trying to stay on a schedule but not to rush the process too much.

Sonically speaking, how is the album different from The Tide?

The Tide was a representation of a continuous process of growth. To me that's what it also sounded like. There was a lot of... Basically we were trying a bunch of different things and just kind of wanted to see what we can do with everything and everyone we have in the team — me and Jyti — and I feel like this one might be a little all over the place, too, but it's definitely more coherent. It's more in control.

I feel like this one might be a little all over the place, too, but it’s definitely more coherent. It’s more in control.

Who are you working with on the album?

– I'm always working with my main man Jyti, man. We have a couple of songs we're doing together — two, I think — and of course he's producing. That's my man, right there. Gotta keep it in the family.

Are there any more features or guest spots on the album apart from JYT?

– At the moment no, and probably won't be either. I'm not searching for something like that at the moment, but who knows. Maybe not, though.

If not on the album, are there any artists or producers you'd like to be working with? 

– I'm very happy and comfortable where I am at the moment. We have a long history with Jyti and I don't know if I could even do anything with somebody else at this point. 

I’ve gotten to a point where it’s easier for me to keep up.

Any secrets from the album sessions?

– I'm notorious for taking my time. And I have now, as well, but it's been flowing on a more decent pace. I think I've gotten to a point where I can.... It's easier for me to keep up, if that makes sense, because I'm more comfortable and secure with what I've got. The trade secret is to do your thing and not let anybody tell you otherwise.

Are you dropping a single soon?

– Matter of fact, I am! I've got this awesome track called All Natural. As the name implies, it's for everyone keeping it real out there. It's a real summer anthem: kick back and relax, do your thing, keep it all natural. It's probably coming out next month, on the fifteenth maybe? I don't know. Gotta talk to creative about that.