So we didn't open a club...

We got a lil' too yachty...

Yesterday was a very special day for us: our co-founder Antti (aka MAFFI) was celebrating his 28th birthday. To honor him, we put out a previously unreleasd gem from the man, but there was a catch: the release came out under "The Scotch & co Yacht Club". We sent out an email and published a link on Facebook with this classy piece of imagery:

We also typed in this:

 "To celebrate our co-founder MAFFI's birthday, we've launched a new club-like experience, bringing you the best of our talent in one concept. The club has everything: booming beats, vodka on the rocks and the best of the best performing. We hope you'll be with us, too."

The initial reaction to the song was (surprisingly) positive, but then something happened that we didn't really expect:

People thought we had opened a yacht club.

Like, for real.

Although the truth is we haven't, we're not ruling anything out just yet. So, to be clear: we're not operating a club. Yet. For now though, the only news we have is this: the very first episode of what we're calling the Yacht Club sessions, "Slots", is out on every major streaming platform.


What's the Yacht Club sessions, you ask?

The truth is we make a lot of music. Most of it is already made with some existing project in mind - say, like MAFFI's new album, or JYT's new playlist - but sometimes we write songs that are a bit too out there. Maybe they don't really fit on an album, or the mood isn't right. Maybe we never considered them to be worth finishing. Usually we keep these songs to ourselves or share them with friends, but sometimes they're just too good to leave alone - even if they don't fit on an album.

The Scotch & co Yacht Club is a perfect disguise for tracks like these. We don't focus on who made them - it's always us, but who specifically was involved is not too important - but instead want to turn the attention to what we firmly believe in: music should be fun. These songs probably aren't the most serious we've made, but who says one shouldn't do both?

So grab a drink, put some headphones on and press play. You can thank us later.

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