DJ Moneygrip drops "Don't Let Go"


DJ Moneygrip is a man of many mysteries: our office talk frequently revolves on the producer's unknown whereabouts, love-hate relationship to vodka and mysterious origin. One of his biggest secrets, though, is his release schedule. The man can play 10 gigs a week and still somehow find time to bust out a banger or two in a couple of days time. What's even crazier is how he straight up pumps his songs up on SoundCloud with no further ado.

While his output may surprise us from time to time, the quality never does. That's the case yet again with his latest offering, Don't Let Go, which sounds exactly as good as anyone would expect. With Don't Let Go, DJMG took the tempo down and mellowed the mood, making this cinematic piece the perfect soundtrack to our warming nights. If you haven't paid attention, the weather is getting warmer and warmer, which means the terrace bars are soon ready for action. No surprise the dude is gearing up to craft the perfect beats for long nights and early mornings.

In other news, MAFFI recently confirmed his new album is well on its way. Read more here.