New music roundup: fresh tracks from MAFFI, JYT & THRILLV

New music roundup

June 2017

We're gearing up for a busy June as MAFFI, JYT and THRILLV are all set to release new singles.

We're looking at two singles from THRILLV, our resident get-stupid edm duo as well as solo offerings from the legendary MAFFI and our head producer JYT. Read on for the full scoop on each release.



All Natural
June 14


The most anticipated release unmistakably comes from MAFFI: seeing as the man has not released new music since 2015's sleeper hit Top Floor, his new single is way overdue. This June he finally returns with an all new banger All Natural, which takes him back to his roots. MAFFI recently talked to us about the process behind the new track and his future release plans. For maximum impact, MAFFI decided against sharing a preview of the song before release, and we gotta respect his wishes. Stay on the lookout as All Natural drops on June 14th.

EDIT: All Natural is out now. Read our piece on it and listen to the track right here or on your streaming platform of choice:




Vodka (feat. MAFFI)
June 28


Although he's kept a steady presence behind the scenes at Scotch & co, JYT has also been keeping quiet with solo releases. We first heard about his plans to drop a solo album back in 2015, but the man took his time – What You Mean, the first single off the album only dropped in late 2016. The single offered a different take to the producer formerly known as "Julius Ylitalo", and showcased his versatility as both a songwriter and producer. What You Mean wasn't only the formal debut of his new moniker JYT, but was also the first showcase of his vocal chops. He now follows up the moody single with a completely different display of talent, as Vodka sees him spit two full rap verses. The third is offered by none other than MAFFI himself. As is the case with the latter's upcoming single, JYT decided not to share a preview just yet. Make sure to add the track to your playlists and daily rotation when it drops on June 28th.



June 3


THRILLV, our resident get-stupid edm-duo doubles down with back to back releases. Their first entry to our hectic June comes in the form of Tried. According to the duo, this gem is a leftover track from a hazy studio session from late 2016 when future house was all the rage. The genre might have experienced some inflation recently, but Tried goes as hard as any current edm monster. The uncompromising and fun-loving attitude of THRILLV is present, keeping the song pop-ish enough for daytime listening, but hard enough for getting dumb at the club. This future classic (no pun intended) drops on June 3rd. Peep a preview below.



June 12


LitTHRILLV's second offering this June is the complete opposite of Tried: this devastating banger takes the tempo up a notch and drops an annihilating lead and booming 808s on unsuspecting listeners. Customary with the duo, Lit incorporates some muddy, pitched down raps about "getting lip" while "getting lit". Expect nothing but finesse from these two. Check out the preview below and get ready to get lit.