MAFFI drops "All Natural"

MAFFI finally returns with throwback banger All Natural – a future classic with boombap genetics and classic schemes. Sonically, the song refers to "the good old times" when Xzibit and Ice Cube were known for their music, west coast beats were boomin and influences weren't taken from trap and dubstep, which didn't exist in their current forms. 

All Natural, which takes it's cues from early west coast rap further boosts MAFFI's meteoric claim to fame and cements his spot as one of Finland's most promising and interesting new acts. The rapper hopes the single will grapple the attention of long-time fans as well as new audiences. According to the man himself, this song is the perfect soundtrack to a lazy summer day spent fooling around with friends. The track is produced by MAFFI and long-time collaborator JYT.

The return is long overdue and eagerly awaited, since the rapper's previous release Top Floor came out in late 2015. The off-album single, in turn, was the first release since MAFFI's debut album The Tide which came out in late 2014.

All Natural is out now on Scotch & co. Stream or download the song on your favorite service here.