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Join us in building the next-generation record label & creative agency.

Scotch & co

We love music.

In 2015 alone, 20 billion hours of music were streamed on Spotify. That's a lot.

But here's the thing: we think the music we all listen to could sound better and be more versatile. We find the current mainstream offering to be bland.

We're building the record label & creative agency of the future - a company artists want to work with in a time they don't really need to work with a label at all. We're quite bored with how the current labels go on about their business. We fearlessly go the other way, looking for new possibilities for distributing our music and talent.

We hire doers only.

We want to change how music sounds and reaches people. That's why we build, make and do a lot of stuff – and that's why we only hire doers. Our work day includes writing music, creating content, producing events & running errands – and that goes for everyone from artist to CEO. If you need a 9 to 5 with a clear set of tasks, Scotch & co is not for you. If you're into making shit happen, do well working independently and don't mind not knowing what tomorrow brings, that sounds more like us.


Open positions

OPEN APPLICATION — All positions & internships
Helsinki, Finland — full time or part time
Scotch & co on levy-yhtiö ja luova toimisto. Meidän artisteja ovat JYT, MAFFI, DJ Moneygrip, Sano, Chip Merlot, WHYNOT ja THRILLV.
Kalevankatu 55 LH 1