The Records That Shaped JYT's 2018

Year-end lists are awesome. Lucky for us, JYT agrees.

December  23, 2018

by Scotch & co


Year-end lists are awesome. Lucky for us, JYT agrees. Here are the records that shaped his year.

Billie Eilish: when the party's over

2018 — Darkroom/Interscope

"This is the shit every songwriter and producer dreams of. So much has already been said and written about Billie Eilish and her incredible talent as both a songwriter and vocalist. "dont smile at me" was already top shelf stuff, but this is just... wow. Not much to add. Play it and weep."

Charli XCX: Pop 2

2017 — Asylum/Atlantic

"Sometimes you sleep on the good stuff, and when you finally get to witness the greatness of a project like Charli's "Pop 2", you'll press play and spend the 40 minutes in pure awe. The explosive vibes of "Pop 2" function as a vehicle for experimentation, but also to bridge the gap between innovative pop music and pure pop superstardom. Thanks to Charli, I am now fully immersed in A.G. Cook's PC Music world. For that, I am forever grateful – and sorry for only hearing this in 2018."

The Chainsmokers: Sick Boy

2018 — Disruptor/Columbia

"I get it: people hate The Chainsmokers. However, my love for cheesy pop, juvenile lyrics and heavy trap beats will not stand down, no matter how dumb and conceited the artists may be. I've got nothing but love for the music of these two dumb-but-lovable douchebags, although I may not personally endorse every jackass thing they've said or stand for. "Siren", the Aazar-featuring cut from their latest album "Sick Boy" gives me exactly what I wanted: the Chainsmokers pop-formula perfected, served with a hot plate of not giving a fuck. If the titular song was corny, juvenile and heavy, this is all of those times a thousand."

Julia Michaels: Nervous System

2017 — Republic

"Julia Michaels' "Nervous System" came out in 2017, and has been on constant repeat since. In fact, all seven songs made it to my "Your Top Songs 2018" Spotify playlist, so it's only fitting I spent this year's July 28th weeping like a fool, cry-singing "Issues" and "Uh Huh" for hours in honor of this modern classic's release date. Fandoms might sometimes focus on the irrelevant more than the actual talent and work, and while you might not expect a 27 year old dude to go all in like this, I'm more than comfortable with myself to say this: I fucking stan the queen. 💎"



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